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Working as District Nurse Manager at IQVIA: Challenging and interesting!

Posted on: 19 Oct
Hello, my name is Virginie Mauro and I have been working at IQVIA since July 2009 ... After more than 10 years of experience as a nurse in different departments, I needed a new challenge. After some research, IQVIA offered me this opportunity to practice my job in another way.

I started in my first project screening patients. After that I became a nurse in a training program for health care professionals. When that program stopped I worked for several years in a patient support program ... and now I am a District Nurse Manager.

So many different and interesting projects that allowed me to train in different therapeutic areas, to develop my skills, to learn languages ... and finally to access a management position.

Working within IQVIA is a daily challenge but above all it is a warm atmosphere and a lot of teamwork on innovative projects. We can always count on the support of our colleagues and managers.

As a nurse, IQVIA has opened up opportunities that I had not thought of before while keeping the focus on the patients and their health. In other words I have never regretted my choice to accept this new challenge.