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What does a nurse advisor do and why should you become one?

Posted on: 02 Jul

Want to make a difference in your career? A nurse advisor role could be the perfect fit. That’s because the main motivation for most nurse advisors is to make a positive contribution to the healthcare industry, bringing care closer to home and supporting the National Health Service (NHS). In this profession, you’ll work in partnership with the NHS and the patients themselves to improve health outcomes. Since many patients require long term treatment it’s essential that a nurse advisor can foster relationships with the patient, their carer and other healthcare professionals (HCPs). 

Interested? Here’s an overview of what a nurse advisor does and why the work is so rewarding.

How do you become a nurse advisor?

In 2019, there were over 660,000 registered nurses in the UK, with a selection of those employees working as nurse advisors. While you do need to be registered as a nurse to become a nurse advisor, holding a current or previous registration qualifies you for the role. Experience carrying out clinical procedures and infusions is desirable but not necessary, however, to be considered as a strong candidate your nurse advisor CV should evidence computer literacy.

Should you become a nurse advisor?

To be successful in a nurse advisor role you’ll thrive when working autonomously and display excellent time management. This is essential as the role requires flexibility to accommodate the schedules of HCPs and the patients. Since this job is very patient-focused it’s best suited for people with excellent communication skills who can take a positive approach to their work. Similarly, working closely with NHS stakeholders requires a person who is confident in building lasting relationships.

With more employers recognising the benefits of conducting virtual interviews, candidates must now consider how they can exhibit strong communication and other interpersonal skills in the digital space. View our advice on how to make a great impression in a video interview.

The role of a nurse advisor

There are two aspects of a nurse advisor role – one is to offer information and the other is to provide support. On the patient level, the aim is to both improve the level of care that a patient receives and generate better outcomes for them. Patients may receive their care at home or in an alternative community setting so nurse advisors may be required to travel. On the industry level, nurse advisors will help other HCPs, GPs and clinical commissioning groups administer best clinical practice.

Your responsibilities may include:

- Supporting patients and their carers with therapy practices

- Carrying out clinical procedures such as phlebotomy, venepuncture and cannulation

- Providing information about medication and therapies

- Review patient management in specific diseases against local or national guidelines

- Guiding HCPs to coordinate patient management

- Clinical auditing

Having experience in these areas is advantageous but not essential as training and support can be provided.

Career progression steps for a nurse advisor

A nursing qualification is essential to become a nurse advisor but as you gain experience in this field-based role, diverse opportunities will become available to you. Over time, nurse advisors can define their career goals which can be used to guide them down the right path, whether that’s respiratory, incontinence or working in a care home. Although these specialisms will offer different experiences, the commonality for all nurse advisors is the rewarding work they do to improve outcomes for patients. This is a job best suited for someone who wants to have a positive impact and is stimulated by education because in the ever-changing modern workforce the development of new technologies ensures that as a Nurse Advisor you’ll never stop learning.

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