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Why a career as a medical sales representative could be right for you

Posted on: 02 Mar

If you’re considering a career as a medical sales representative then there’s no doubt you’re looking for a job where you can transform patients’ lives. In your day-to-day, you get to interact with pharmaceutical companies and primary care customers - including GPs, practice nurses, and community and retail pharmacists – helping patients gain access to life-changing medicine and treatments.

The global healthcare market is expected to exceed a value of $234.5 billion by 2023, with the rising healthcare expenditure in many countries being a key influencing factor. More investments and a rising number of treatments appearing on the scene each year are helping to create new job opportunities in the medical sales market. But is a medical sales representative career right for you? Here are four reasons why we think so:

You speak to new people every day

For most medical sales representatives, the chance to engage with people every day is what motivates them. Reps not only use their sales skills to introduce new products to pharmacists, GPs, nurses and other hospital staff, they also raise awareness for the product, offer advice and answer questions.

With relationship-building being a core part of your day, you’ll get to network with key opinion leaders and industry experts. By putting your communication skills into play, you can make strong connections with these contacts and learn about new opportunities in the medical sales industry. This is how medical sales representatives can take charge of their own career and development plan.

You can build an interesting career

Working as a medical sales representative is more than just a job - it's the first stepping stone on the path to an exciting career. Once you’ve excelled in a medical sales representative role and shown that you have the key traits you need to thrive in medical sales, there are many different directions you can take your career. A common career move is to step up to a key account manager role, where you’ll be responsible for increasing sales through customer collaboration. Alternatively, you might advance to a project sales manager if you want to learn how to improve your leadership skills in medical sales. There are various other career paths that you’ll discover, but the important thing in medical sales is to always think about where you want to take your career next.

You can challenge yourself

A medical sales representative jobs is very much a role that you can make your own. You take on the responsibility of building and maintaining relationships with customers and influencers. This means the job is very flexible – one of the five reasons to love working in medical sales – and you have the chance to push yourself professionally and personally.

Though only 28% of companies have the appropriate learning and development tools for their colleagues, this is something you need to look out for if you want to grow your career. If you find a workplace that offers continuous professional training - as IQVIA does - you’ll have access to someone who is both there to support and challenge you.

You get to work on groundbreaking projects

As a medical sales representative, you'll get to work with large pharmaceutical companies and healthcare giants, helping them make their groundbreaking projects a success. Whether you specialise in medical devices, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals or technology, becoming an expert on your client’s product is one of the top tips to help you become a successful medical sales representative.

No matter what area you decide on, you have the chance to improve healthcare outcomes for patients who may be facing a life-threatening illness or disability. For 70% of people, the knowledge that their work is helping others gives them meaning in their job. And with new technology and treatments on the horizon, now is an exciting time to join the medical sales industry.

Join IQVIA and help us make a difference

At IQVIA, we want to help people build a rewarding career. Our colleagues have access to global opportunities, innovative tools and outstanding leadership. If a medical sales representative job is right for you, we’ll give you everything you need to help your clients find better solutions for their patients. Browse our latest medical sales representative jobs and help us on our mission to improve patients’ lives.