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5 reasons to love working in Medical Sales

Posted on: 01 Aug

Working in medical sales can be a challenging job. The long hours, the pressure of making sales deals and of course the responsibility of selling products that can radically change peoples’ lives can all take their toll; however, there are plenty of reasons to enjoy it as well. With the top 20 Pharma companies having a combined value of $2.63 trillion and more than 500,000 medical technologies being currently available on the market, there’s no better time to get involved in medical sales. So, why might a medical sales representative job be right for you? 

It’s flexible

Flexibility is a key perk of the job for many sales representatives, and it’s no different for those working in the Pharmaceutical or Biotech industries. The UK has an infamously low standard of work-life balance, with only two in five British Employees happy with the time they spend in and out of the office.  When you’re a medical sales rep, though, you have the power to set your own hours: whether that’s by prospecting, researching more about the product that you’re selling, or driving to client meetings, you work by own your rules. It’s like being self-employed, and you’ll have all the autonomy you could possibly need from your job: whether you’re on the road, or at home, wherever you sit down is your office. This leaves you with more time to focus on upskilling

It’s well paid

As a sales rep, you have the potential to earn quite a substantial amount of money, especially if you’re good at your work. It’s already been proven that many sales people are driven by the prospect of a good paycheque, and some companies even put prizes and compensation schemes in place to help motivate them still further into hitting targets. The best thing is, the harder you work, the more you earn in terms of bonuses and cuts, so the idea of earning your reward really does apply!

You’ll use cutting-edge technology

Over the past few decades, it’s become clearer just how technology can redefine how we interact with other people and the way in which we do business. For medical sales reps, the rise of AI has enabled them to do their job more efficiently and spend a greater portion of their day focused on selling. Not only that, but digital innovation in the medical device market means that these medical sales professionals are being exposed to some of the most sophisticated technologies we’ve seen yet. 

You have job satisfaction

As far a medical sales jobs go, there are few better opportunities to make a tangible difference to other peoples’ lives than as a medical sales rep. The devices or drugs that you’ll be selling to GPs, hospitals and pharmacists will help people live a more fulfilling life- indeed, you can even get your hands dirty by training those same people how to administer it properly: some medical sales representatives will assist doctors in-surgery, the better to show them how the device works and how it should be implanted. You’ll have the chance to do what few others can.Though a medical sales rep role is hands-on and demanding at times, and it’s a secondary care job where you’ll be able to go home every day with a high level of satisfaction. In a time where 24% of the UK workforce are unfulfilled in their job – a 10% increase since 2019 – that’s an invaluable perk of the job.  

It’s a chance to build strong relationships

For many sales reps, it’s the chance to make strong and lasting relationships that keeps them going. When you work in medical sales, the same is true: perhaps more so. Many professionals genuinely enjoy building relationships up with customers, and as a medical sales rep this will be one of your core responsibilities, from in-depth discussions about the new products that they’re selling, or taking the time to build up their knowledge of the medical industry from the client’s point of view with long chats. As you will be responsible for a certain area during your tenure in medical sales, you’ll have the time to build up genuinely rewarding, long-lasting friendships with your clients, making your job even more enjoyable, challenging and diverse than it already is. Plus, relationship building is commonly ranked in the top transferrable skills you need to grow your career. 

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