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How is technology transforming the Sales process?

Posted on: 30 Jun

How different was your life before the Internet?

Like it or not, technology has impacted every part of our lives. The days of Rolodexes and faxes are over. Technology has changed the modern workforce and now Medical Sales Representatives are turning to the latest gadgets and software to let them get ahead in what can often be a very competitive market. For many people, it’s a case of adapt or fall behind: with Big Data giving us detailed candidate insights, greater connectivity letting us stay in touch with people from the other side of the world, and Biotech taking huge strides in how we see the human body, it’s an exciting time to be a Medical Sales professional.

But what’s ahead in the future, and how will this new software change the way in which we do business? We take a look.

The rise of AI

AI might not replace our jobs, but it is certainly having an effect upon the way in which we do them. Only 36% of a Sales Representative’s time is actually spent selling; the rest is taken up with administrative tasks, meetings, prospecting and sending and receiving emails. This, naturally, takes time away from what’s really important, which is selling and getting the right products to patients that actually need them. However, AI technology offers the chance to tackle this head-on: marketing automation can schedule and send emails without effort from the Sales rep, storing information on the Cloud in real-time makes it easier than ever to work on the road, and virtual Personal Assistants can even schedule meetings in diaries, ready to be attended. 

These smarter Sales Automation Systems will streamline the sales representative’s working day and free up more time for prospecting, researching their market and brushing up on information about the device or product that they’re selling. 

Smarter insights

It’s not just AI software that holds the potential to transform Medical Sales, however: it’s also the way in which it can be applied to analytics. ‘Big Data’, as it’s known, uses the advanced processing power of today’s computers and AI to analyse vast reams of data on clients and potential clients in a fraction of the time it would take a human. 59% of executives believe that their company would be improved through using Big Data, and for good reason: by processing such a huge amount of information, the computer can spot trends, anomalies and target candidates much more efficiently than a sales person could by themselves. This gives them the edge when it comes to scoping out prospects and finding the best ways to target them. 

Virtual storytelling 

One area that’s really grown in size and potential over the past few years is that of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, and sales people are quickly adopting this technology for their own use. One popular avenue many are going down is in giving 3D demonstrations of their product through VR, which allows the potential buyer to explore it inside and out, as well as running through some predefined scenarios where it could be used. It could even be adapted to provide training videos for GPs, surgeons and those buying new medical devices, giving an in-depth virtual experience that will prove much more effective than an explanation. The never ending innovation is one of the reasons to love your medical sales job and here are 5 more reasons.

Social media

The rise of social media has given Medical Sales professionals a whole new platform from which to work. With more than 500 million users, LinkedIn is an invaluable way for people to forge new relationships, prospect for sales and find out more about the latest products in the market, all from the comfort of their desks. Indeed, these sites- including Facebook and Twitter- host a huge community of specialists who exchange information about what’s happening in the medical and Pharmaceutical community. Not only is it a great resource for sales reps, who can join in a huge and vibrant online conversation, but it’s also a valuable way to keep in touch with clients and potential clients.

Improving job prospects

Just as technology enables medical sales representatives to do their job better, it now plays a huge part in landing those jobs. Before the search has even begun medical sales representatives can upskill, accessing courses online to improve their technical writing skills or creating a profile in LinkedIn in order to make connections with other professionals in the industry. Moving onto the interview stage of the recruitment process, since the outbreak of Covid-19 there's been a 67% increase in virtual interviews, a trend that was already in the making and accelerated by the introduction of social distancing measures. Making a great impression in a video interview can seem like a challenge but in return, candidates benefit from saving time on travelling and accessibility to interviews that otherwise would not have been viable.

Medical Sales is changing

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