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Building better relationships: the key to a strong Medical Sales career

Posted on: 23 Jul
Today’s recruiters are looking for more from their Medical Sales staff than the traditional Sales requirements of being able to talk fast and push for a deal. In a sector that is becoming more heavily regulated, people working in Medical Sales need to be able to foster strong, close relationships with both new and existing customers if they want to continue securing deals and selling their product to GPs and Pharmacists alike. 

With more required of modern Medical Sales Representatives than perhaps ever before- including expert knowledge of their product, the industry and cutting-edge Sales techniques- the ability to build good relationships with everybody from customers to coworkers remains invaluable, improving business, bettering patients’ lives and increasing the bottom line. Indeed, a recent survey found that Medical Sales Representatives who invest in their relationships also earn more, as well as helping you further your career: clearly, putting the time in benefits you as well as the client.

Here are some pointers for doing just that.

Set expectations 

One great way to manage expectations from the start is to set out what you and your client want from your working relationship. You don’t want to overpromise and underdeliver, which will ultimately hurt your reputation in the market, as well as your customer relationships. Instead, you should set out exactly how the service works and what they can expect from you: this way, you will deliver on your promises, and anything extra you do for them will be seen as a bonus. 

Go above and beyond

Indeed, putting the extra effort in can really pay dividends when it comes to making your customers feel valued and appreciated. With 51% of Sales leaders looking to increase customer retention by improving their client relationships, this is definitely something that you should invest time in developing. Take the time to answer any questions that your client may have, and give them the education and support they need to use the product that they’re buying correctly. 

In the Pharmaceutical sector, representatives also play a critical role in educating and working with doctors and GPs to get maximum value out of the products that they’re selling, with some salespeople even frequently Operating Theatres to properly instruct their clients. Today’s salespeople don’t have as much influence as they once did on the decision-making process, especially given the complex web of regulations that hospitals, pharmacies and GPs often function within; as a result, the role of the Sales Rep is changing. By educating and working with clients, you’ll be able to create a stronger, more satisfying working relationship despite this and become a trusted advisor rather than simply another salesperson to them. 

Be open and honest

Many customers find it hard to trust Salespeople, with only 19% of them relying only on Sales Representatives when seeking information about a product that they want to buy. Put that misconception to rest by making a point of being open, engaging and honest with your clients from the start. 

Whether it’s by requesting feedback from them about how you’re performing- and what you could be improving on- or giving your honest opinion about your products, rather than telling them what they want to hear, you’ll be showing that you’re worthy of their trust. You can even share reviews about the product to prove that you’ve got your customer’s best interests at heart. After all, these clients should be trusting you and your expertise to make the right decision for their patients, so being agreeable is not the best personality trait to exhibit- especially if they think that you’re holding something back as a result. 

Manage the relationship

One of the biggest mistakes a salesperson can make is only to focus on the sale and ignore the customer once a deal has been done. Not only can this be a dangerous thing to do, should you wish to close further deals with them in the future, but it also makes a client feel unappreciated. 

This can easily be solved by taking charge of your communication strategy. Keep in touch: reply to their emails promptly, and follow up with them regularly. It could be something as simple as touching base to check up on how they’re doing, or dropping them an email regarding a hobby that you both share. Not only will your customers feel valued as a person, but it’ll go a long way towards strengthening your bond and paving the way for a fruitful relationship in the future.

Build new relationships with IQVIA

At IQVIA, we’re proud of the strong relationships that we build with our customers- and we’re looking for passionate Medical Sales Representatives to carry on our tradition of excellent service. 

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