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Interested in a Medical Sales career? IQVIA's unique culture explored

Posted on: 14 Sep

This month, Pf Magazine took the time to explore what made IQVIA special when it comes to forging a career in Medical Sales. Published in their September issue, the page-long interview with IQVIA’s own Andrew Wilkinson and Samantha Prindiville addresses everything from the skills you need to success as a Medical Sales Representative to the IQVIA’s own special company culture.

IQVIA is well-known within the industry for the effort they put into encouraging a healthy work-life balance amongst their employees, and the interview reveals exactly how they motivate their employees, reward high fliers and explains what you can expect from a career in Medical Sales, should you be thinking about making the switch.

Citing ‘the chance to make a genuine difference to people’s lives’ as one of the main reasons to embark on a career on Medical Sales, the interviewees’ enthusiasm for the industry and for sourcing ‘high-calibre candidates’ is very much worth a read if you’re thinking about a career in Medical Sales- or simply want an insight into how IQVIA operates.

Find the article in full on page 19 of Pf Magazine’s September issue here