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Mark Cunningham - Pharmacy Services Team Leader

Posted on: 16 May
Education: ABPI, Degree:Bachelor of Technology in Applied Computing
Experience in the industry: 14 years in industry, 7 years at QuinitlesIMS

What is your role at IQVIA?
Pharmacy Services Team Leader

What’s the best thing about your job?
No day is the same, I have huge variety in my activities ranging from strategic planning and project management with national pharmacy customers as well as managing a team of account support managers.  Team management has been part of my individual development plan since starting at IQVIA and my manager has worked with me to reach my full potential through continually challenging me to succeed.

How long have you been working at IQVIA?
7 years

What career opportunities have you had since working for IQVIA?
I originally started at IQVIA as a Senior Medical Sales representative focusing on commercial sales.  I then progressed into National Account Management and more recently team leadership.

What development opportunities have you gained working for IQVIA?
Since joining IQVIA I have been supported to further my learning both with e-learning and face to face training courses.  I have attended a Management Fundamentals course which has set me up for success in my new role and have regular coaching sessions with my manager to cement my knowledge.  I have recently been assigned a mentor that will allow me to continually grow and develop.  I support IQVIA self-learning style and have regularly signed up for a wide range of courses to expand my skillset.

Why were you initially attracted to apply for a job at IQVIA?
After initially applying for the role and doing my research, I was impressed with the size and scale of the organisation coupled with their strong cultural and ethical ethos which aligned with my own values.

What’s great about IQVIA as a company to work for?
Benefits:  I have relished the flexibility of having broader options open to me across a variety of clients and opportunities, coupled with the excellent salary exchange benefits and pension make it extremely attractive to build a career at IQVIA.
Culture: I find the culture open and honest, a real ‘open door’ policy, coupled with a can do attitude which has allowed me to continuously learn and develop.
Colleagues: My colleagues have been supportive of my career at IQVIA which is demonstrated by my fast-tracked success. Recently being assigned a mentor will allow me greater visibility and development.

What kind of people work for IQVIA?
IQVIA has a culture of breeding confident, competent people who are not only role models for IQVIA, but also on our customer managed partnerships. This is underpinned by our ethos of making a meaningful difference to patient’s lives.

What would you say to someone who was thinking of joining IQVIA?
IQVIA is a fantastic company to have a career with, you would be joining a company with great culture and a company that supports you with your development and career aspirations.