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What is it like to work as a Key Account Engagement Manager?

Posted on: 24 Apr

IQVIA has a range of roles and business lines under its umbrella, providing a wide variety of services to the medical and healthcare industry. One of these roles is that of Key Account Engagement Manager, a position which works closely with healthcare professionals to deliver key client messages.

Spain-based Eduardo Rodriguez has been working a Key Account Engagement Manager since 2019, progressing from the position of Healthcare Consultant already working at IQVIA. He loves his work and the opportunity it provides him to learn new things every day. He spoke to us about what life is like as a Key Account Engagement Manager.

“Essentially, a Key Account Engagement Manager communicates key client messages to healthcare professionals and administrators”

Eduardo’s work is based on a thorough mapping of key accounts and key opinion leaders within the medical space, particularly within oncology and rheumatology. Market activity and account developments play a major role in the team’s day-to-day focus, says Eduardo.

“Through the development of transparent and honest relationships, we can increase the healthcare professionals’ (HCPs) awareness of our client, making an impact on their image and, in the near future, the patients’ health,” says Eduardo.

Through Eduardo’s work, patients benefit from increased access to top quality treatments, with administration and hospital management benefiting from improved market sustainability. This, says Eduardo, is all empowered by IQVIA’s resources and availability. IQVIA is well known amongst the HCPs, and that helps to build trust and carries a highly valued seal of quality.

“An average day will involve meeting with administration, oncology, rheumatology and pharmacy key opinion leaders”

Eduardo works to ensure key opinion leaders are familiar with clients and what they have to offer. He communicates these messages face-to-face or via telephone, reaching out to HCPs to discuss their opinions, their needs and how clients’ products and services can help to achieve these needs.

“Using our client’s materials, we deliver critical information to the HCPs that can impact their decision-making, increasing patients’ treatment access, fostering regional and national health system’s sustainability and creating innovation opportunities,” he says.

“Given the huge amount of options and my professional development plans, staying at IQVIA was by far the best choice”

Eduardo was working at IQVIA before moving into the role of Key Account Engagement Manager and was considering the next step in his career path. Looking for more responsibility and a slightly different approach to allow him to learn and gain skills, Eduardo was eager to stay within IQVIA to take advantage of its development opportunities. When the Key Account Engagement Manager position came up, he jumped at the chance.

“I learn new things every week – or every day”

The opportunity to keep learning and developing is one of Eduardo's favourite things about his role, as well as being able to provide solutions to problems.

“On top of that, my work improves the overall quality of the national health system, having a positive impact on what are its most important components: patients”.

Eduardo also enjoys meeting with HCPs and coming up with ways to meet theirs and their patients’ needs, and says that growing client business is always interesting and fulfilling.

“To anyone considering a career in this industry I would say you have to try it”

As a Key Account Engagement Manager, you will learn the insights of the healthcare industry and understand the stakeholder’s point of view, says Eduardo.

“Even if you are only working with a small gear of the whole engine, the amount of knowledge and the benefits we can provide to the patients are enormous.”

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