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Tim Mills talks about how to build a successful career in Medical Sales

Posted on: 06 Oct

The Pharma industry monthly publication, Pf Magazine, is out for October and with it comes an article from IQVIA’s Head of Regional Business Development and Operations EMEA, Tim Mills.

After starting his career in the police, Tim made the switch to Pharmaceuticals 25 years ago and has steadily climbed the ranks ever since, working as a Sales Representative before joining the services sector in 2002. Here, he talks about why you should make the switch to Medical Sales, and the skills you need to make a success of your career within the industry, where ‘intelligence will take you a long way, but emotional intelligence will take you all the way.’

As a senior manager at IQVIA, he also discusses the changes that are on the horizon in Biotech, and how IQVIA is adapting to a digital age, and a digital way of doing business- as well as facing up to challenges like Brexit.

For people wanting to make the switch to a job in Medical Sales, there’s no better place to look for advice on how to get started and make a success of your career. 

Have a read of Tim’s article on pages 36-37 of Pf Magazine here