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My time at IQVIA - Gilles Bossier

Posted on: 06 Apr
Gilles Bossier
Medical Sales Representative
Belgium, West Flanders

They told me about the content of their jobs, the freedom and the flexibility they got and the pleasant atmosphere. Sometimes, it sounded too good to be true, especially when hearing that they hire beginners too. I was cut out for the job.

Application no 1: I was not selected. But, determined as I am, I did not let it get to me. I would just try again!

Application no 2: Bingo! I got the job. (Moral of the story: never give up!)

In my opinion, the most important and pleasant things about my job are freedom, growth potential, sales and science. I feel especially motivated by the fact that you get a broad variety of possibilities over time!

When I started at IQVIA, I did not have any experience in the pharmaceutical industry whatsoever. But take it from me: during the first weeks (and for the rest of your career at IQVIA for that matter) you will get the best professional guidance there is. And always in a pleasant atmosphere! AND you all pick it up extremely quickly. No wonder really, as you deal with it every single day.

The past year at IQVIA had passed before I even realised. I can still remember my first day as if it were yesterday! The rookie that didn’t know a thing. But in the meantime I have grown so much that I have already developed several trainings myself and given them, something that I still do by the way. This, in combination with other responsibilities, is a clear sign of the support that IQVIA gives you if you show that you want to move forward.

Why IQVIA, you might think. Well, I want to present myself with a company that is known for its quality, a renowned company of standing, a company that you can show off with, no matter what. After some research I found that IQVIA had a share (support regarding sales, R&D ...) (IQVIA helped develop or commercialize 100% of the Top 30 best-selling diabetes products of 2015) 

My advice: do not hesitate! Come and work for IQVIA!