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Clinical Design

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What is the role of clinical educator?


Clinical Design

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The medical field is diverse with specialities. From rewarding medical sales careers through to nursing and doctorships, this industry is enriched with roles that have advanced the health sector to wh


In our blog, we discuss the role of clinical educator and the different responsibilities.

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A Day in the Life of a Covid Field Tester

In this video Twinelle shares an overview of her role as a Field Tester, giving us a real insight into the diversity and challenges faced when working remotely.!

She shares with us that the most rewarding aspect of her role is the sense of pride that everyone on the project have, knowing that we are fighting against something that is bigger than us and actually on a global scale! In her experience this pride transcends from Managers to Field Testers, where everyone is so supportive, helping each other to overcome the everyday challenges

Due to her hard work and dedication Twinelle was promoted to Field Manager; career progression is an integral aspect of this project!