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Clinical Trial Educator


Serving as the face of IQVIA on-site

 Play a flexible role in the clinical trial process

As a Clinical Trial Educator, you’ll be able to accelerate patient enrollment, improve site performance and help streamline studies in ways no other team member can. You’ll be your sites’ go-to for information, advice and problem solving. You’ll have the chance to work on studies featuring complex or non-traditional patient pathways; compressed timelines for diagnosis and enrollment; and complex protocols requiring intense initial education and ongoing reinforcement. You’ll help navigate issues where intense competition exists for similar patient populations. As Clinical Trial Educator, you’ll also provide training assistance for site staff and patients on drug administration or testing.

  •  Enjoy a dynamic role which changes as the clinical trial progresses
  •  Engage and educate clinical trials staff and patients
  •  Help make a difference in improving patient care
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