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My time at IQVIA - Sarah Huysmans

Posted on: 06 Apr
Hi, my name is Sarah! I have been working at IQVIA for over 8 years. When I started, it was my first experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

I am one of the nurses working for patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Our role is to educate, support and follow-up these patients though out their treatment.

Over the 8 years that I have been working for IQVIA, I have been in contact with many projects, clients, internal jobs and my knowledge about patient groups, products, diseases, communication, pharmaceutical companies has grown immensely.

I love many things about my job. First of all, it’s is a huge honour to come into people’s/patients’ lives and build up a close connection with them and their family. Going towards certain goals, motivating the patients brings positive energy into my job.

I have a wonderful dream team I work with which supports me in many ways, we are all very different individuals yet very respectful and supporting towards each other!

I am thankful for IQVIA who has given me a lot of freedom and trust to be able to do what I am good in. I get chances to do better, to work on other things, to learn.

Next to many nice benefits I got, the most important is the good balance work-private life.

Are you thinking about working at IQVIA ? It will be your best decision ever!